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To become part of JSA, Please tick areas where you would like to offer your support

1) Creating Awareness about JSA -
A) Creating awareness by social media
B) Do Awareness of JSA publication "समर्पण"
C) Distribute Pamphlets & Brochures to individual & organization
2) Organize Meeting of JSA with -
A) Individual
B) Club/Society
C) Corporate
D) Educational Institute
3) Organize Events of JSA with -
A) Public
B) Club/Society
C) Corporate
D) Educational Institute
4) Creative Skills that You wish To Cotribute For JSA -

JSA norms that a volunteer should adhere to:

 1) All JSA literature will be developed by MBVS. Any modifications must have MBVS prior approval.
2) Volunteers may not release any material pertaining to MBVS, in the media without seeking MBVS prior approval.
3) No cash donation may be collected by any volunteer. As far as possible, motivate people to send their donation via
Cheque/DD Or Online to MBVS.